Safer Sex

Rape/Sexual Violence/Abuse

Kink Community

  • Fetlife – “Free online social network for the BDSM and fetish community”
  • New England Leather Alliance – Education and advocacy to create a safe environment for leather/fetish inclined people in New England
  • BTNG – Boston area group for “the next generation” of kinksters, ages 18-35

Sex & Sexuality Blogs

  • The Pervocracy – A blog about sex, feminism, BDSM, and the rape culture
  • Tiny Nibbles – A blog about sex and technology, up-to-date sex news, and tasteful, high quality, ethical porn explicitly for women (warning: explicit)
  • Savage Love – Dan Savage’s sex advice column
  • Consent Culture – “Talking about consent and fighting entitlement culture: because safewords are sexy”
  • Miss Maggie Mayhem – Maggie Mayhem‘s blog, “thinking critically about sex, drugs, and mayhem”

Sex-positivity on other campuses